Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zombie Songs

More tunes about the living dead!

1) Zombie Delight - Buck 65

This song isn't my favorite style, but the lyrics provide invaluable information during a zombie apocalypse. Don't drink contaminated water. Important during an apocalypse situation. Don't reason with zombies. This may be obvious, but so many people are fooled by their own friends and family as zombies as if they would get better if you just talk to them. This is how many people in zombie movies get bitten. The song also has other basic zombie information like transmission and how to recognize them that would be better for those less familiar with zombies. The lyric video is unique and well designed and makes for a fun zombie song. 

2) Zombie - The Cranberries

Despite the title, this isn't really a song about zombies. It's about The Troubles in Ireland and specifically regarding the Warrington bomb attacks. The zombies could refer to the IRA members doing the bombings, simply following orders and not thinking about the devastation they are causing to their own people. Just another way that zombies can be used as a metaphor for something more meaningful. 

3) Iced Earth - Among the Living Dead

While this is another song whose style is not my favorite, the lyrics are like a poem about the undead. It's descriptive and even a little hopeful until the crushing defeat at the end. The frenetic momentum of the guitars and drums really drives the song and makes it effective. I love the bridge and when the band sings a little more lyrically. It's an epic song and encompasses the enormity of the zombie apocalypse.

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