Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back

* spoilers *

Angel Crawford has grown a lot. She's self sufficient, off drugs, and even thinking about college. She's also gone through a lot recently what with the flood that destroyed her home and everything she owned plus the Saberton corporation killing people left and right. That evil corporation rears its ugly head again and kidnaps key members of the group she affectionately named the Zombie Mafia. One of these members is a doctor tht gave her and a fellow zombie an experimental treatment that is now causing them to rot despite a steady supply brains, If that weren't enough, there is clearly an informant in her trusted circle of friends and she doesn't know who to trust. Angel chooses to trust the Zombie Mafia group that's left, but is it a horrible mistake? Will her condition be cured before she is too far gone?

I've enjoyed the series so far and this installment brings a lot of awesomeness. First, Angel breaks up with Marcus. Finally! He's nice but oh so very controlling. The most recent incident involved him telling her they were moving without even discussing it with her first. She recognized that they are in a rut and will have the same arguments over and over. When she ended it, I cheered. The split was amicable and low on drama. Jane Pennington, mild mannered congresswoman, proves to be a crazy awesome badass that had some of the best lines in the book. I thought she was a minor addition to the last book, pleasant but forgettable. She is anything but here and I can't wait to see more of her. The overall plot was good and kept me turning the pages. One particular reveal had me abandoning real life duties to read what happens. This book also got a bit darker than others, which I enjoyed.

While I did enjoy the novel, this is the worst of the series for me. I usually read them within a couple of days, but this one took me 2 weeks. Angel has gone through a lot, but she cried through most of the novel over trivial things. I don't mind emotion, but the constant whining and crying grated on my nerves after a while. The rotting issue was pretty overlooked and wasn't treated as critical as it was presented. It just muddied the plot. My biggest problem was that a momentous zombie ability was revealed so late in the series. Pietro, being a very old and powerful zombie, can eat someone and adopt their appearance. First, it's annoying that this was never mentioned before. Second, it just seems cheap and gimmicky. It doesn't make sense in the world and no other zombie power is even remotely like it. My suspension of disbelief found its limit and dampened my enjoyment of the book.

The latest White Trash Zombie book is another success, but has some significant problems that classified it as the worst book of the series. Considering how much I enjoyed the rest of the series, it's not that damning of a title and I will still continue to read the series.

My rating: 3/5 fishmuffins

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