Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last week and I absolutely loved it. I've now read the first one and a half comics and it's really shocking how much detail from the comics was put into the film. I really recommend the movie and comics to everyone. You can read my review of the movie at Misfits of Sci-fi, the new website that I'm writing for. I made this awesome avatar (and you can make your own) at the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Creator. Apparently I'm kind of a bitch. :)


Unknown said...

I just saw this movie last week - and I loved it soooooo much! I'm seriously tempted to buy the whole stinking series, but must finish out September Zombies first!

There's also this awesome yellow journal that has the relationship tree flowchart of all the characters that I am lusting after...but I don't really need the journal part of it...

AHHH! It actually doesn't surprise me that it stayed really true to the comic - Edgar Wright is bomb! :)

vvb32 reads said...

kewl avatar! i read and loved the first and second which i got from the library awhile ago. you're reminding me to catch up ;-D
so glad to hear the movie is just as good.