Friday, October 20, 2017

Knott's Halloween Haunt 2017 Part 1

It's that time of year again! I go to Knott's Halloween Haunt every year and it gets better and better. I always get the front of the line Fright Lane for the mazes because waiting hours in line isn't on my agenda for the night, but this time it's bundled with the Fast Lane, front of the line for rides. This year was better than ever with very few flaws.

* Trick or Treat: Lights Out

This maze was the longest to get into because people tend to walk slow when lights are low. You are handed a flashlight to go through the very low lit maze. It has a lot in common with previous incarnations of the maze, but it has an added element because it's so dark. I was more anxious going through the maze and eager to shine my flashlight on everything. The 80's inspired music truly set the stage. The first room is Halloween to me with flashing Jack o'lanterns and a spooky apparition. The room with the masks and lit eyes is so much more effective in the lower light. It's a traditional haunted house with floating books, creepy dolls, and a bathtub full of rot. The chained basement door with something pushing to get out is a particularly good touch. The music inside is right out of a movie and supports the scares. Of course the light goes out right when you need it and you walk through dark corrider. This may not seem impressive, but I haven't been anywhere else that puts anything completely in the dark. This was my favorite maze.

* The Tooth Fairy

This maze has been there for at least 3 years and it's always amazing. It starts with floss hanging from the ceiling that brushes across your face. The high pitched whine of dental drills sings through the air throughout the maze. Right after the inky black Cthulhu doorway is a pitch dark room. Subtle things like this are what strike fear in my heart. You have no idea if anyone else is in the room and I feel unease in the pit of my stomach. The set is incredibly detailed with blood spattered missing posters, children's toys, mutilated children, filthy medical equipment, and piles of teeth and coins. The room with the giant mouths is quite effective and the ending scare is awesome. This maze has a defined tone and atmosphere that I love. They layout is a bit different this year and the end scare is a bit of a surprise.

*  Parnormal Inc.

This maze has such a large story for one maze. It starts in the videos outside with a charlatan medium who breaks character to scream at a creditor. Everything about it seems like the ghosts are fake and the equipment will never work. It's weird to have an insane asylum of abused people paired with demons and hell, but it somehow works so well here. There are two slightly different routes and everyone meets where hell opens up. It can have a bit of traffic there, but the rest of the maze is well done. The room with blinding red light has scare actors in it, which isn't usually done. You can't see anything in the room, so the people could be anywhere and it's unnerving. The giant creatures look amazing and the last scare is epic. I love turning around and seeing other people's reactions to it. Not a lot changed since last year, but the small details make a big difference.

* Special Ops: Infected

It's back! I love this maze because it's the only one where you fight the monsters. You get a gun with unlimited ammo and try to hit the collar around the zombies neck. I'm terrible at this because I panic and I have terrible aim. It's fun anyway. Where else do I get to shoot zombies outside of a video game? Military people guide you through the maze and tell you what to look for, where to aim, and where to stop. I go through each section faster than I really should. The room with zombies tearing into it surprised me and I didn't know where to shoot. The subway sation is even worse with disorienting light. The big monster is pretty cool. The maze is like playing real life Resident Evil. If it's still there in a year, I should go on it more than once so I can actually hit some zombies.

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