Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween Short Films: Light as a Feather and Sam

Bite sized Halloween treats!

* Light as a Feather

This short film captures the feel of good kid horror like Are You Afraid of the Dark? or Goosebumps. A group of girls have a sleepover and one tells a theatrical story of being abducted by ghosts if awake between 1am and 2am. The suspense is well crafted and it's a perfect bite sized ghost story for all ages. It's also unique production wise in that the actors and the above the line credits from director to writer to composer are all women.

* Sam Short Films

These short films were made for FearNet commercials to advertise the 24 hour Trick 'r Treat marathon. They capture the darkness and whimsy of Sam all year round especially with the sinister yet childish music.

~ Back to School

Sam gets ready for school and reacts to some rude kids.

~ Easter Candy

Sam tries his hand at being the Easter bunny. This one is pretty over the top and silly, but it's enjoyable.

~ Snowmen

Sam helps a friend build a macabre snowman and looks adorable in snow clothes.

~ Father's Day

This one is the sweetest of the bunch and only a little odd.

~ The Day After Halloween

This one shows the mess after Halloween and reveals Sam's life cycle.

~ Making a Friend

Sam helps a friend literally make a friend in an adorable homage to Frankenstein.

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