Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Women in Horror: Upcoming Films Part 1

Last year, I chose films that I quickly saw and reviewed afterwards, so this time, I tried to pick movies that are a little further off. I'm especially excited about these films because they are all made by female directors.

* Raw, directed by Julia Ducournau

This is the cannibal film that has been making waves in the festival circuit since last year. The audience reactions are probably exaggerated, but I'm still excited to see it. It looks like a kind of coming of age movie where a woman becomes obsessed with meat (after being forced to eat it raw) that starts with raw chicken and ends at humans with some body horror thrown in for good measure. I always love cannibal and art house films, so I'm incredibly excited. It finally has a release date which is March 10.

* Prevenge, written and directed by Alice Lowe

Prevenge looks hilarious. A pregnant woman hears the voice of her unborn baby who commands her to kill people under threat of death. The humor is pitch dark and laugh out loud. It plays on the uncertainty of how the children will be and seems like a surrealistic delight. Prevenge comes out February 10th in the UK and the US release is to follow with no specific date released yet. Can't wait!

* The Lure, directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska

I can't believe this movie exists. A murderous mermaid movie that's also a musical??? Sign me up! It looks like it also blends humor with gory horror and fairy tale elements that involves a carnivorous pair of mermaid sisters in modern Poland. At the very least, The Lure will be an unforgettable and unique theater experience. It's currently playing in New York City with no word on a VOD or larger theater release. 

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