Friday, February 24, 2017

Women in Horror: Podcasts

Here are some more podcast episode to meet all of your Women in Horror needs.

* Nightmare on Film Street: Women in Horror: You're Next vs. The Descent (Head-to-Head)

Jon and Kim pit two excellent, female driven films against each other. First, they introduce Women in Horror Month and talk about female directors like Mary Harron, the Soska Sisters, and Karyn Kusama plus films like Carrie, Alien, Ginger Snaps, American Mary, and Silence of the Lambs with a bonus tangent about Bettie Page and slutshaming. They discuss You're Next and The Descent at length with some new insights to me. One reigns supreme over the other, so listen and find out which.

* Faculty of Horror episode 47: Caved In: The Descent (2005)

Alex and Andrea unpack The Descent, one of my favorite films, and talk about the nuanced characters, how they change throughout the film, the two endings, and a little bit about the incredibly unnecessary sequel.

* Final Girls Horrorcast Episode 21: Pregnancy Scares! Shelley and Antibirth

Aimee and Carly compare two pregnancy horror films Shelley and Antibirth. One is quiet and slow burning while the other is weird, but interesting and fun. They have almost completely different opinions from me and it's nice a hear a different perspective.

* Buffering the Vampire Slayer Episode 2.07: Lie to Me

Jenny and Kristin watched the seventh episode of the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer called Lie to Me. They talk about everything from the varying degrees of convincing lies told in the episode, the fashions, the growing relationships between the characters, and of course, the patriarchy. It's also a rare episode where the Cordelia jingle is not played. Listen to the very end for their song about the episode.

* Women in Caskets Episode 46: Sister Act

Dawn and Jen tackle A Tale of Two Sisters with writer Lilah Sturges, famous for Jack of Fables. They go through the original Korean folk tale and compare it to the film plus they show all the tropes and the way those tropes are subverted or maintained. My favorite part is where Lilah points out the quiet moments between the sisters that make their relationship beautiful and believable.

* The Girls in the Back Row Episode 63: A Tale of Two Sisters

Tab may be sick, but she along with Kate also review and analyze A Tale of Two Sisters for their Korean horror month. They offer an alternative view of the ghost plus observation that I completely missed. For instance, Kate shows how Suyeon is a shadow of Sumi and maybe not how she was in life.

* The Rants Macabre Episode 109: New French Extremity

Darren and Mindy join forces with Dawn and Jen from Women in Caskets to talk about mixed reactions to High Tension and Martyrs. They start with an interview with Alex West about her book Films of the New French Extremity: Visceral Horror and National Identity.

Did I miss some of your favorites? Comment below!

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