Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Leftover Zombies

While September Zombies is over for this year, zombies always rear their heads year round. Here are some things that I missed.

* Zombie cupcake

Would you like to completely gross out your guests? Here's a perfect solution! Make these horribly disgusting looking zombie mouth cupcakes using fondant. These look pretty vile and I would love to see who would eat these first.

* Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

The first trailer is here! Regency era sensibilities mixed with ninjas vs. zombies. I love how it starts like any other Jane Austen adaptation and then gets all action movie. Looks like bloody good fun even if it's just a teaser trailer plus the poster is amazing. Can't wait!

* White Trash Zombie Gone Wild by Diana Rowland

The fifth installment of the White Trash Zombie series is here. This one has Angela facing her past pill popping demons and hunting a killer. I looked for this a month ago because the books typically come out during the summer and it wasn't there. I was super excited to see it pop up on Kat Richardson's Facebook page and I ordered it on the spot. This series never lets me down. It's a bit like iZombies if the main character was a fuckup in the first place and working at the morgue made her life better. Look for my review during next year's September Zombies.

* LA Zombie fashion show

Although I missed it, LA had a zombie fashion show take place and it looks awesome. Here are some cool photos with rotting divas.

Til next time!

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