Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Tunes: Horror Movie Edition

These songs influenced by horror films set the tone for the rest of the month. 

* Teen Slasher Parody by Common Shiner's Social Masochist

Teenage Jason Vorhees goes to Wes Craven's Slasher High School and has a huge crush on the most beautiful girl in school. Unfortunately she goes out with the popular meathead Michael Myers who hangs out with other popular jocks Leatherface and Pinhead. His best friend is Freddy Krueger and his classmates include Candyman, Leslie Vernon, Pennywise, the Creeper, Ghostface, Jigsaw, and the Collector and probably a lot more. The song is upbeat and fun. The story is adorable: a cute romantic comedy involving horror movie villains. I love all the little easter eggs like his love's IM handle being girl1976 is a huge clue to her identity. The ending is pure horror film homage and just perfect.  

* Lotion by Greenskeeper

This song is from the point of view Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs (one of the best horror movies ever) who kept women in his basement well, forcing them to lotion their skin so he could make a woman suit from their skins. The song is catchy and shows Bill's nonchalant attitude about capturing women, keeping them, making them in to clothing, and maybe eating them a little too. I love the mentions of Precious, his cute little fluffy white dog and of course his famous lines from the film.

* Pet Sematary by The Ramones

Based on the movie Pet Sematary, the song takes a lot from the movie and captures creepy, dark visuals. While I have plenty of problems with the film, there's no denying that many of the scenes are iconic, memorable, and super creepy. I would also agree that I wouldn't want to be buried there, rise, and kill all of my loved ones.

What are your favorite horror songs? 

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