Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Internet Awesomeness

More awesomeness from the internets!!!!!

1) Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

This song and video are so hilarious. I'm personally not a fan of Shia or his movies, but this song makes him a million times more awesome to me. It's a short narrative about Shia attacking and eating people. You are the protagonist as you try to escape him but have to do things like gnaw your leg off because it got stuck in a bear trap. I just about die laughing every time I hear the song, which you can download here.

2) Dr. Who Meets Metal

Listen to the Dr. Who theme played in a metal style by a guy who obviously loves playing music.

3) Reverse Parthenogenesis

This is a cute, morbid short film starring 2 Buffy alums, Amber Benson and Adam Busch, about the antichrist, evil, and relationships. I love seeing these two act again and the film is darkly funny and clever.

4) Juliet (Olde English Remix) by Emilie Autumn

I'm obviously on an Emilie Autumn kick right now. I love her dynamic voice and virtuosic violin playing. This song is about Juliet (of Romeo and) and this remix take out all of the electronic music in the original. It's stripped down and totally believable to the era and thoughts of Juliet. Her voice and the violin are both heard better and capture the feeling of the song better in this version. The mood is much more peaceful and contemplative. You can hear the original version here.

Do you guys have any awesome videos or other internet findings you would like to share?

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