Friday, October 7, 2011

Frightful Fall Read-a-thon Mini-Challenge: Urban Girl Reader

More mini-challenges! This one comes from Urban Girl Reader and she asks for a fake summary of the next book in the series of a horror novel. Since I haven't started it yet (and I would be way to tempted to post spoilers about the books I've read), I will choose the sequel to Hellbent by Cherie Priest:

Raylene, cat burglar vampire, is hired by an unknown source to steal the Necronomicon that inspired H.P. Lovecraft to write all of his horror stories. It started off as a normal smash and grab situation, but quickly descended into running for her life territory after the owner of said book sicced an unspeakable and tentaclely horror after her. Barely escaping with her life and the book (yay!), Raylene keeps the book at her house overnight to recuperate from her adventure, only to have a crazy group of cultist steal the book and firebomb her house. Will she be able to get the Necronomicon back unscathed? What will the cultists invoke with this powerful book? Can Raylene just get this job done and so she can relax?

* The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer: 374 pages Finished!
* Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey: 130 pages

Total pages for today: 504
Total books finished: 2
Total pages read: 1,083


LoriStrongin said...

It's Cherie Priest--of course I'm gonna love this! And the added bonus of Lovecraft...why haven't I already read this?!?!

Thanks for the rec!


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Great fake summary!

You've been doing great on the read-a-thon! A lot of pages read. Hope you've been enjoying it!

Sherri said...

You've create a great fake summary for this series. I seen this series around but haven't checked it out. Now I will have to do so.

Thanks for entering!