Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Netflix Horror Movie Mini-Reviews 2

More horror movies from Netflix! And to Jessica Secret, I have added Rabid Grannies to my queue and will share my thoughts here soon.

1) Cabin Fever 2

This is a cheesy, fun sequel to an original cheesy, fun film. It's so over the top and ridiculous that you just have to laugh. In this one, the flesh eating virus introduced in the first film is spreading to the local high school on their prom night. It makes fun of both teen and horror movie conventions with over the top gore and a silly high school plot. I liked the ending, but I felt that some needless scenes could have been shortened or removed outright. The guy who played JT from Deadgirl is in this one, and although he did a pretty good job, I couldn't help but think "zombie rapist" every time I saw him. I would recommend this to people who like really gory horror comedy.

My rating: 7/10 fishmuffins

2) Summer's Moon

This is a mediocre horror movie with Twilight's Ashley Greene. It's about a girl named Summer who goes in search of her father, who she has never met. She meets a guy named Tom, they sleep together, and then he locks her in his basement garden to keep it beautiful. It's part creepy romance, part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and part Misery. The film is obviously trying to mooch off Greene's fame, but Twilight fans and die hard horror fans really aren't going to like it. There's not enough romance and too much blood for the Twihards and there's not enough actual horror or blood for hardcore horror fans. It should have gone either one extreme or the other instead trying to pander to two polar opposites.

My rating: 5/10 fishmuffins

3) The Living and the Dead
A mentally ill man lives with his parents in a large mansion. His father has to leave and hires a nurse to take care of that man and his ailing wife. The son locks the nurse out of the house, insisting that he take care of her himself even though he is obviously not fit to do so. Forgoing his medication, he becomes more and more delusional and erratic. It's a race against time for the father to come home before anyone gets hurt. This film is incredibly depressing and really good. Everything from the gloomy, empty mansion to the weary inhabitants works together and creates such a heavy and claustrophobic atmosphere. As the film progresses, it gets harder and harder to differentiate what is real and what are the hallucinations of a schizophrenic.
This film is guaranteed to get under your skin.

9/10 fishmuffins

4) Suck
This is a great horror comedy. A band called The Winners is the exact opposite of their name. They are desperate to make it as a band and their last chance is a concert with supposed industry people set up by their sleazebag agent. None of them believes that it will happen, but they go through the motions. Their luck turns around when the bassist encounters a vampire who turns her into one. Now, their shows are more crowded and people actually seem to like them. The other band members also want to be vampires, but a vampire hunter follows them across the country, eager to slay them before any more humans are killed. This movie is much more than just comedy. Besides vampires, it has great original rock songs by The Winners and cameos by rock legends Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. There are even cool easter eggs like recreations of famous rock album covers in the movie. This isn't a sappy romance, but a campy rock adventure with plenty of blood, clever humor, and Malcolm McDowell (he's just awesome). The ending was meh, but the rest of the film was surprisingly funny and well made.

My rating: 8/10 fishmuffins

Do you guys have any movie recommendations?

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