Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Internet Awesomeness

I encountered some interesting things on the internet that I wanted to share with you all!

1) Kirby Krackle has just released a video for their superhero inspired single "Secret Identity." If you like superheroes or comic books in general, you're sure to like this song a normal guy that goes out and fights crime.

2) I absolutely love Amanda Palmer. This is a blog post in the form of a song about Lady Gaga and if pop music is art. Not only does she show off her catchy song writing, but she makes a good point. Please join in the discussion if you have an opinion!

3) I don't usually post about politics because I understand that not everyone is a crazy liberal like me. However, this young man's impassioned speech about his unique family should be heard by everyone, no matter what your stance on the issue of same-sex marriage. It's incredibly inspiring and just shows how important love really is and how it is largely ignored in the world.

4) Another song from a nerdy person!! This time the song is called Nerdy Girls Need Love Too. It's an adorable and catchy song by Amy Lee Radigan rife with nerdy allusions to Doctor Who, Nintendo, Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek, among others. I totally relate (being a nerdy girl myself) and I love this song. She also has another song from Princess Peach's point of view called Save Me Mario. Check it out on her website or her Facebook. I look forward to hearing more from this new artist!

I hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I did!! <3


Misty said...

GREAT stuff!!!

Misty said...

God, I frickin love Amanda Palmer.