Thursday, January 5, 2017

Holiday Horror Short Films Part 3

* Rare Exports (2003)

Rare Exports Inc. (2003) from Woodpecker Film on Vimeo.

This short film has little in common with the full length version it would become, but it has some fun concepts. An elite team of hunters captures wild Father Christmases who are powerful and dangerous. Over months of training and conditioning, this wild creature becomes a Father Christmas who will make children very happy, leading to the ending of the full length film. I especially liked the Danny Elfman-esque score that makes it seem much sweeter than it is. This version is a lot more sinister without Pietari.

*  Rare Exports: The Official Safetly Instructions 2005

Rare Exports: The Official Safety Instructions (2005) from Woodpecker Film on Vimeo.

If you are receiving one of these rare exports, you must follow a series of rules so as not to revert the Father Christmas back to his savage roots. Rules include no smoking, no swearing, and no drinking. These experts demonstrate how the Father Christmas will behave in a controlled environment that still seems quite dangerous. I loved seeing how these seemingly callous experts do mourn the passing of the Father Christmases they civilize and train. Pietari is in this segment and adds that touch of innocence and passing on the family business to a younger generation.

* The Winter Stalker

The voice over is what makes this short effective. It's sleazy, creepy, and unnerving with an unexpected ending.

Any shorts that I missed? Comment below!

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