Monday, October 31, 2016

New Horror Ready to Haunt Your Home

Here are some fun things to make your Halloween as spooky as possible available to stream right now!

* Outcast

I loved the first season of Outcast on Showtime. It depicted a very different type of possession show with a very flawed protagonist, Kyle Barnes played by Patrick Fugit. He makes some horrible decisions but has the best intentions at heart. He teams up with a local preacher to rid the town of its very serious possession problem. The relationships feel real and give a reasonable backdrop to the more fantastical elements. All of the plot lines are interesting and even the minor characters are well rounded. Brett Spiner, famous for playing Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, is imposing and creepy as hell as Sidney, the main villain. Parts of the show are surprisingly brutal while other moments are emotional and tender. Outcast is one of the most promising and unique horror shows on TV. Catch up with it on iTunes today before the second season comes out.

* Darkest Night podcast

Shudder and the Paragon Collective have partnered up to create Darkest Night, a weekly narrative horror podcast. It was recorded binaurally to create a virtual reality effect when listening with headphones. Each episode delves into the last memories of someone recently deceased that will all eventually tie together to form a master plan. Talented actors are lending their voices to this venture including Lee Pace, Dennis O'Hare, Missi Pyle, RuPaul Charles, and Michelle Visage. I've been looking for more podcasts to listen to on my long commute to and from work and this sounds perfect for me and perhaps American Horror Story fans. You can listen on Shudder with episodes a week an advance and top notch audio quality or for free on iTunes.

* I Am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House

This new Netflix movie looks amazing. The trailer alone made me feel so uncomfortable. The imagery of the perfect house with rotting spots, the outdated technology, and the seemingly perfect almost mechanical woman all make for great suspense. It gives off vibes of old school horror like The Yellow Wallpaper or Shirley Jackson stories that have a quieter but still horrific approach to the genre. Netflix has been killing it lately with original shows and movies like Stranger Things and Hush. I hope this one will be just as good.

Any other good Halloween or horror programming? Share below!

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