Friday, September 9, 2016

Zombie Tunes

Songs about the undead!

* Zombeavers Theme Song

This crooney song captures everything I love about the movie Zombeavers: unexpected lyrics and zany humor.  If you like this song, you will guaranteed like the movie and you need to go to Netflix and watch it right now. If you hate the song, maybe skip the movie.

* I Walked with a Zombie by Wednesday 13

I love the lyrics and upbeat mood of this homage to zombies and particularly Night of the Living Dead, the first and best zombie film ever. I'm not super wild about the screamy delivery, but the lyrics have gothy horror references everywhere and abusive relationship zombie necrophilia. Super fun!

* Zombie by Lacuna Coil

This song takes a different view of zombies and views it as an empowering force to be a part of instead of an enemy to fight against. I love Lacuna Coil's goth metal style, especially the contrast between the male and female singers, and this song is perfection.

Stay tuned for more undead madness!

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