Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Upcoming Zombies Sneaking Up Behind You

Here are some awesome looking zombie things coming up in the future!

* Feedback by Mira Grant

The Newsflesh series is one of my all time favorite zombie series and she's adding more to it! Not only was there a recent release of short stories in the world, called Rise, but there will be an all new book! This one takes place at the same time as the Newsflesh series, but with different characters. The story and characters are pretty vague right now, but I'm eager to get back into that crazy zombie world. I have every confidence that it will be awesome and I can't wait for its October 4th release!

* Zombieland 2

This is STILL being made. After a lackluster pilot on Amazon, the TV show has been scrapped. I thought the project was dead, but recently the writers of the original Zombieland and Deadpool Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are actively working on the project. The only word is that they were meeting with Woody Harrelson and that "the cast was excited." No word yet on anything concrete like if any more of the original cast will reprise their roles. I'm keeping hope that we will eventually see this movie.

* The Girl with All the Gifts

If you were a reader for last year's September Zombies, you would have seen my rave review of M.R. Carey's The Girl with All the Gifts. It's unlike any other zombie novel and goes places I never expected one to go. I loved absolutely everything about it. A movie adaptation has been made!! The trailer looks amazing and I hope it will do the book justice. The casting looks pretty spot on, especially with Glenn Close as Dr. Caldwell and Gemma Arterton as Ms. Justineau. The key is to leave the ending exactly the same. Since it's a UK produced film, I'm hoping the original ending will stay intact. It comes out in the UK September 23. No word yet on a US release.

More to come!

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