Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Music: The Final Edition for this Year

This is the last Halloween music post for this year, so I'm going to make it count!

1) Rasputina - My Little Shirtwaist Fire *

Rasputina is a unique band that prominently features cellos, quirky music, and historical allegories and fashion (particularly the Victorian era). This song was based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which was one of the largest industrial disasters in the history of New York City. A fire started on the eighth floor of the factory and the people on the ninth floor couldn't be notified because of the lack of an alarm. There were limited ways of getting off the floor because one of the doors exiting the building was locked and the other was blocked by flames. The fire escape was flimsy and soon collapsed because of the weight. Most of the women working there were trapped. 62 people died from jumping off the building to escape the flames. Overall 146 people died. The accident led to many reforms including worker's compensation, comprehensive safety, and unionization of workers. This song encompasses the horror and feeling of the event very well. It's one of my favorite songs by the band.

2) Oingo Boingo - Insanity

The band is fronted by the amazing composer Danny Elfman and they were famous for their controversial songs and high energy Halloween concerts. I couldn't find any real information about this video, but it's practically a short film. It's generally disturbing with stop motion animation and deformed dolls. I absolutely love the song.

3) Sweeney Todd - A Little Priest

I couldn't resist featuring another song from Sweeney Todd. How can I pass up a song about cannibalism? This cheerful song is accompanied by dancing and people watching for the type of person to make into a pie. Awesome!

4) Repo! the Genetic Opera - Legal Assassin

You probably haven't heard of this movie, but it's a rock opera that is about an evil corporation that sells organs to people and savagely repossesses the organs from the person when they can't pay. It's pretty cheesy, but in a good way. It stars a variety of people, including Anthony Steward Head and Sarah Brightman. In the first song, Nathan sings about the loss of his wife and his alter ego as the person who kills the debtor and repossesses organs. I love Anthony's voice and ability to play such a schizophrenic character.

Hope you guys enjoyed more music! :)

* The historical information about the fire came from Wikipedia.

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