Monday, October 7, 2019

Shibuya Goldfish 2 & 3 by Aoi Hiroumi

* Shibuya Goldfish 2

High school student Aki Touji and her little brother encounter the giant goldfish overrunning Shibuya and flee. They encounter and join up with Shibuya Sable, a homeless man with unparalleled skills and a big reputation. He plans to kill all the golfish, but doesn't care much for the humans around him.

The world of giant man-eating goldfish continues with an interesting character. Shibuya Sable is rumored to be cannibalistic, blood drinking, fabled to have fought off 1,000 yakuza on his own, and maybe he'll grant your wish if you bring him food. The real person is capable of killing many people and giant goldfish, but he doesn't really care about anyone other than himself. He has no moral compass and is pretty unpredictable and unstable. His life essentially hasn't changed since the goldfish came. The yakuza don't bother him much anymore and now he has to fight goldfish, but that's it. It's fun to see someone being a match for the goldfish, but you never know if he'll help someone or screw them over. Either way, he's the most dynamic character seen yet.

The cliffhanger from the first one is picked up here as well. Hajime and Alisa foin up with them as well. We get a glimpse of what the outside world is doing. The government tried to send help several times, but each was destroyed by the goldfish so they've stopped. There's also a glimpse of Shibuya before the goldfish as a place where the good is right next to the bad, schoolgirls and yakuza eating in the same place. I love places like that. The one thing I truly hate about this manga is the gratuitous upskirt shots, one being when a girl is literally being eaten alive. I'm still going to read the series, but I hope these are minimized or completely taken out later.

My rating: 3.5/5 fishmuffins

* Shibuya Goldfish 3

High schooler Hajime and pop star Alisa are still following the Shibuya Sable, a particularly unstable homeless man who is their only hope against man-eating giant goldfish. His plan to destroy all the goldfish in town instead of waiting for rescue is risky and insane, but what else can they do?

Sable identifies a new nemesis in the albino goldfish who seems to be the leader of the entire school. His plan to kill all the fish is far fetched, but who knows what would happen if he killed the leader. Everyone besides Sable is essentially dead weight who don't know what to do except for Chika Yumioka, a university professor studying the goldfish. Hajime and Alisa are too busy trying to save other people when they can't even save themselves. I'm fast losing sympathy for them and I'm way more interested in Sable even with his dubious morality.

The albino goldfish has a new ability not seen before. It marked some of the people who encountered it with a chemical that makes them develop goldfish spots and corrodes their skin as well as attracting goldfish to them. This new development is devastating and incurable. The ending has a separate comic that might have a clue to the start of the whole thing, but it's not clear yet. This volume returns to form and features some truly horrific stuff while getting rid of the gratuitous panty shots of the previous volume. I'm so excited for the fourth installment.

My rating: 4/5 fishmuffins

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