Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Holiday Horror Short Films Part 2

* Do You See What I See

This short starts out with snarky Sloane as she gears herself up for her high strung sister Jessica's ugly sweater party. Jessica is in fine form as she bosses everyone around and guilts them at the same time so her party can be perfect. A slasher killer stalks the party goers, first hiding in the basement and then killing as many as possible. The twist at the end definitely could use much more explanation and I argue that no one would put on someone else's glasses, but it has interesting implications.

* A Very Zombie Holiday

If you even wondered how to balance the zombie apocalypse with being the perfect 50's style party host, this helpful instructional video is for you. I love how the undead are treated as an annoying nuisance rather than the much more serious threat they are. My favorite segment is when they talk about Christmas carolers and if one of their annoying group was shot, everyone would think it's an accident. The zombie hiding in the back plus the carolers staring incredulously while she talks about "accidentally" killing them makes it even more hilarious.

* Santa

This one goes from sweet to horrifying very quickly. I especially love how the movement of Santa is altered to be so unnerving and creepy. This one conveys everything with visuals and music because there are no speaking lines whatsoever. Very impressive.

Did I miss your favorite holiday horror short? Comment below!

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