Saturday, December 3, 2016

Horror Podcasts: Frightday

Frightday is a horror podcast hosted by Kelly, Sam, and Byron. (Captain) Kelly is the host of her own Cryptids and Conspiracies segment every show. She covers everything from hollow earth to UFO sightings to lizard people. Although she's a believer in many things like aliens and ghosts, she gives a fair view of each subject, presenting the skeptic and believer side of each issue. I'm personally not super interested most of these subjects, but Kelly talks about it in such an animated, interesting way that I enjoy it. My favorite reports of hers so far are the MK Ultra series and her report on Krampus. MK Ultra is an actual chapter in our government's history and incredibly depressing but also fascinating. She of course delves into conspiracy theories about it. Her Krampus report was more about the myths and legends behind Krampus. I wish she would do a bit more about this type of thing as well.

Byron is the host of the show, Byron's Serial Killer Corner, and the EVPlease segment. Byron's Serial Killer Corner is probably my favorite segment where Byron talks about a serial killer, their bloodyy career, and their fate, but it's not a regular part of the show. EVPlease used to be a regular ending to the show which attempted to capture ghost communication in recordings in electronic voice phenomenon. Sam occasionally presents Sam's Jams and Sam's Gun Accuracy Report. Both of them have much gorier and more extreme tastes than Kelly, who preferes ghost and alien films. They also provide the staunch skeptic position to contrast Kelly's belief in many cryptids and conspiracies. Their banter is hilarious and I love that they don't agree on everything. Some podcasts have hosts that agree on almost everything and it's a nice change to see debates going on.

The first segment of their show has all of them briefly describing what they watched over the week and what they thought of it. This is followed by Kelly's Cryptids and Conspiracies. The last segment of their show is always a film review. The vast majority of their reviews are current films or films that aren't out yet. Twice, they have reviewed classic films which was The Fog and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Their film choices range widely to include big releases, indie films, and foreign films.

I only have a few tiny problems with the show. Kelly can sometimes grate on the nerves especially when she's eating things loudly or making ghost noises into the mic. Some of her opinions make me think less of her like hating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. Byron's Serial Killer Corner should be a bigger part of the show because it's awesome and informative. Everything else is awesome. This fun and and informative podcast has introduced me to a lot of films I would have never heard of. Writing for the site has also been awesome with more opportunities to watch and review films. I also get to know these three wonderful people as well as the rest of the site's writing staff: Alex, Felicia, and Maggie.

My rating: 4.5/5 fishmuffins

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