Saturday, October 15, 2016

My 5 Favorite Mass Kill Scenes from Horror Films

I love gory horror films and I always appreciate a good kill scene. I find that mass kill scenes are more impressive and more creative than the typical one victim scenes. Here are some of my favorites:

1) The Opening Scene of Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is not a good film, but this scene is a must see. It's one of the most unique and memorable kill scenes of all time. The glamour and old time elegance is interrupted by a wire slicing across the dance floor. The moment of calm as we see the bloody wire and the dancers are shocked into silence before they realize what happened is perfect. Too bad the rest of the film didn't live up to this scene.

2) The Elevator Scene from The Cabin in the Woods

In this scene, all the monsters trapped in the facility are released by elevator. It has every monster you could think of in American horror: zombies, a Pinhead lookalike, ominous masked figures, ghosts, giant snakes, killer trees, and so many more. Waves upon waves of blood fly and it becomes comical since these people are used to inflicting these creatures on others. The ding of an elevator has never been so ominous.

3) The Car Crash Scene from Final Destination 2

This crash scene is epic. I never really thought of things falling off of trucks, but now I can't not think about it when I drive behind them.

4) The Club Scene from The Collection

I have no idea how this killer set up this crazy kill, but I'll set aside my disbelief because it's awesome. This film tops everything from the first film by sealing in and literally mowing down an entire club full of people. As a person, I assume being in crowds and in public are safer than being alone. This scene disproves that in an over the top, gory way.

5) The Train Scene from Suicide Club

The scene starts out as normal: a large amount of people, mostly comprised of young girls, waiting for the train. Then the young women join hands to form a huge line and jump in front of the train to jaunty, cheerful music. This is from the very beginning of the film and it leaves a big, bloody impression and whole lot of questions.

Do you have any favorite mass horror movie kills?

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