Saturday, May 28, 2016


I've started writing on a different site called Frightday, which focuses on the more artistic and indie side of horror. I started with writing blurbs on trailers and now I'm reviewing some films and weekly reviews of the shows Penny Dreadful and Preacher. They like to have reviews with 666 characters or words, so I'm enjoying the challenge of condensing my thoughts and feelings to such a short format. Here's what I've reviewed so far:

review of Sacrifice

review of The Curse of Sleeping Beauty

Penny Dreadful episode 1: The Day Tennyson Died 

Penny Dreadful episode 2: Predators Far and Near

Penny Dreadful episode 3: Good and Evil Braided Be 

Penny Dreadful episode 4: Blades of Grass

The entire site is well written and interesting, so I encourage you to check out other reviews as well and especially their podcast that covers half conspiracies and half horror films. Of course I will keep writing on here. My goal for this summer is at least one post every couple of days in addition to my Frightday stuff. Wish me luck!

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