Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kill the Boy Band

A group of Strepurs (not strippers, the crazed fans of boy band the Ruperts) get an expensive hotel room their obsession is staying at to catch a glimpse of them. Things escalate when they capture one of the Ruperts and tie him up in their room with tights. Thing really escalated when he's found dead. How did this idol die? Is one of the group a lying murderer?

Kill the Boy Band is a little bit Heathers and a little bit Mean Girls with a healthy dose of fangirl. The humor is a bit dark and all is not rainbows and butterflies for these fangirls. Moldavsky focuses on the dark side of fangirls. Even though they obsess and love the object of their affection, they aren't afraid to ridicule or hate things about the same people they obsess about. The book shows that this group is just comprised of people who aren't very nice or intelligent, a harsh reality for fangirls who write fanfiction and imagine epic scenarios with them.

Our nameless unreliable narrator is kind of timid and annoying for most of it. She seems to be the most sensible, but her voice is overshadowed by everyone else. All the other girls are pretty flat stereotypes. Apple is the simple one who obsesses over the least impressive Rupert. Her parents spoil her rotten and she's annoying. Isabel is the tough business type one who runs a successful website about the boy band. She's mercenary and willing to do anything to get the juiciest stories. Erin is the queen bee and the most popular one. Her motives are less than benevolent due to an incident at a past concert with the Ruperts. When they realize how human the Ruperts are, their bond falls apart because it was the only think holding these disparate girls together.

I liked the premise, but I can't really relate to the characters. I was never that into something that I would act as extremely as them. It was a cute short read, but I wouldn't read it again and I probably wouldn't read another book by the author unless the premise seemed super spectacular.

My rating: 2.5/5 fishmuffins

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