Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Women in Horror: Upcoming Films

* Antibirth

Natasha Lyonne stars as Lou, a woman who wakes up after a night of partying with symptoms of pregnancy although she's sure she didn't have sex. It's apparently an odd body horror film. I think pregnancy is pretty frightening and alien on its own, but the finale is said to be quite disgusting. Reviews from the Sundance film festival have been positive as whole, so I'm pretty excited. I also always enjoy Natasha Lyonne and Chloe Sevigny.

* Nina Forever

Rob recently lost his girlfriend in a car accident and tried to kill himself. After recovering somewhat, he meets Holly, a co-worker at the supermarket where he works. When they become intimate, he discovers that his dead girlfriend will appear in their bed in the state he last saw her in: nude with broken bones, still bleeding from her fatal wounds. Then she proceeds to insult them sarcastically. The premise sounds really odd and weird, but a more extreme version of films like Life After Beth and Burying the Ex. Dark and awkward humor plus tons of blood is what I expect. It comes out on DVD and Bluray on 2/22, but is currently in theaters if you're lucky enough to have it play by you.

* The Witch

The Witch: A New England Fairy Tale, tells the story of a family of colonial settlers moving to a land untouched by humans. Misfortune befalls them as their crops fail and their infant goes missing while under the care of their oldest daughter. Crazy horror stuff seems to happen after that. I can't wait for The Witch. The atmosphere is creepy, dark, and tense. Every article that I've seen to come out about it raves at how scary and good it is. io9 just posted an article about the director thoroughly researching colonial life and fairy tales to give the most accurate portrayal of their lives and write a fairy tale that is more than a morality play. Read more about it here. The Witch hits theaters 2/19.

Did I miss the horror film you are looking forward to? Please comment with yours!

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