Sunday, February 1, 2015

Women in Horror Month 2015

It's the sixth year of Women in Horror Recognition Month! Women and their gruesome deaths, horrible decision making, and their one dimensional characters have long been a major staple of the horror genre. How many films start with a meaningless female characters death within the first few minutes of the film? How many films save the virginal final girl but gleefully murder her smoking, drug taking, sex having counterparts? How many films feature gratuitous rape scenes portrayed titillatingly for what is somehow still assumed to be a male audience? While these tropes are far from dead, many horror films now portray realistic women with flaws that don't completely fit into those flat stock character roles. This month, I will be reviewing and examining films and novels on both sides of the spectrum. As a female horror fan, I love spending this month to spotlight achievements of women and examine women's changing role in the horror genre.

If you would like to get involved, please visit the Women in Horror Month website to submit your own event, find events online or in your area to participate in, or purchase stuff from their merch store.

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