Saturday, September 6, 2014

Zombie Stuff

Regular objects are made much more remarkable with zombie themes!

* Zombie bowl

Instead of eating cereal out of a plain boring bowl, why not eat it out of a zombie's brain cavity instead? Now breakfast is no longer a dull chore. Now you can gross out your family and friends by thinking of the most disgusting things to eat out of it. (The site suggests soggy shredded wheat, spaghetti with tomato sauce, or beef stew.) Zombies eat us all the time, so it seems only fair to do the same. ThinkGeek has this delightful bowl for sale.

* Zombie slippers

Instead of having boring old slippers to warm your feet, now you can have slippers that look like zombie heads than nom on your feet. These look super comfy and they are interchangeable, so when I'm all groggy in the morning, it won't matter which feet go where. Many of us are quite zombie-like in the morning, so why not make it more obvious? ThinkGeek also has these slippers.

* Zombie ear keychain

Add some zombie grossness to your keychain with this detailed, realistic zombie ear. It's 3D sculpted and hand painted, so each one is unique. You get all the benefit of having a zombie trophy without actually having to carry around a stinky, rotted human ear.

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