Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Mailbox: Comic-Con Edition

Comic-Con is the one time of year I can go on a shopping spree plus there is tons of free stuff everywhere. Here is some of the stuff I got.

* Books

- Conspiracies and Curtsies by Gail Carriger - sequel to Etiquette and Espionage. So excited!
- Krampus by Brom - A twisted retelling of the Santa Claus tale.
- White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland - 3rd in the series that just keeps getting better. The author was there, but I didn't get to see her. :(
- A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesl Schwartz - Fun looking steampunk novel!
- Magic Kingdom for Sale by Terry Brooks
- Hounded by Kevin Hearne
- Newsflesh series box signed by Mira Grant

* Plushies

- Harley Quinn Skelanimal
- Chlamydia giant microbe
- Intestines! from I Heart Guts

* Hasbro stuff

- Magic the Gathering M14 planeswalker promo exclusive

- Vinyl Scratch figurine
This stuff was the biggest hassle to get due to the Hasbro Toystore having the most insane situation ever. I'm so happy and lucky to have gotten these and I hope Hasbro either gets their shit together and fixes their mob situation or they don't have anything I actually want next year.

* Pins ad Miscellany

- My Little Pony voting pins - got them all! It was so hard to get Rainbow Dash!
- Princess series pins from Adventure Time
- Plants vs. Zombies 2 pin
- Carrie pin
- Luigi gold coin from Nintendo zone

- super awesome cephalopods made from cured leather made by William Thomas Damon. The purple one is also a hair clip or a pin.

* Book swag

- hand sanitizer from Parasites by Mira Grant - clever marketing AND practical. Con crud is very real and disgusting.

- candy from Fiend by Peter Stenson - fake crystal meth to market the novel based around meth addicts during the zombie apocalypse. Tasteless or funny? I can't really decide.

Panels tomorrow!

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