Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Women in Horror Month Wrap Up

I know it's not February anymore, but I got swamped with school work and wanted to finish the Buffy review I started. I was planning on posting more reviews and Women in Horror related stuff, but life got in the way. There's always next year! I will leave you with some horror movies you need to watch that have awesome female characters:

1) Dead Hooker in a Trunk

Meet Badass and Geek, twin sisters whose interests couldn't be further apart. While they are their very different friends are going on an errand together, they find a dead hooker in their trunk. They must put aside their differences to get rid of the body and avoid the many people after them because of it, such as the police, a serial killer, and a cowboy pimp. This movie is full of blood, gore, guns, chainsaws, and kickass women.

2) Inside

It's nearing Christmas and Sarah is miserable. Her husband died four months ago and her baby is due within a few days. Opting to be alone, she pushed away all of her friends and family in order to wallow in misery. This proves to be a huge mistake as a mysterious woman breaks into her house in a effort to steal her baby from inside her. The battle of wills and strength that follows is insanely bloody and intense. Although it stretches reason at times, the premise and acting of the two women is captivating.

3) Lady Vengeance

Geum-ja admitted to murdering a young boy when she was just a teen, a crime she didn't commit. Her prison sentence was lengthy, but due to her spiritual transformation and seemingly sweet behavior, she was released early. Geum-ja intends to make the real murderer pay and calls in every favor she can from her saintly days in jail to exact her revenge. It's an awesome film with a very unexpected ending and a wonderful Baroque soundtrack.

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