Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day again! Here are some tunes for you to listen to if you're oh so in love and feeling mushy.

1) Zombina and the Skeletones - Guess What (I Love You)

Sung from the point of view of a lovestruck girl, this song is upbeat and cute. She writes a love letter to the boy of her dreams in this rockabilly number. It's perfect for asking someone out on this Valentine's Day.

2) Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen - Formidable Marinade

This track is from Amanda Palmer's Down Under album and features Mikelangelo. The man has a voice that is so deep and sexy, I could listen to it all day. This is also one of the most disturbing love songs ever. The cannibalistic and murderous imagery is chilling, but really awesome in this song.

3) The Raveonettes - Love in a Trashcan

Although the title sounds insulting, it portrays what others think about this particular girl. The person narrating the song thinks this girl completes him (or her). I think it's actually pretty sweet.

4) Kirby Krackle - Super Powered Love

This song is sang by a guy with a superhero girlfriend. He worries about her when she goes to fight evil while he stays home. Not only is it a fun, great song, but it shows a point of view not really seen that much. It's nice that he's doesn't feel like he has to compete with her or that he's less of a man. He just wants to help her in any way he can.

5) Nightwish - Ever Dream

This is a just a gorgeous symphonic metal love song.

Hope you enjoyed! <3

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