Monday, November 8, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Awesome Concert Review

Neil Gaiman wrote the most beautiful and well written concert review about The Dresden Dolls' Halloween concert. I've loved this band for about 5 years and I've been to 4 of their concerts. Amanda Palmer, the pianist and singer, and Brian Viglione, the drummer, have an electricity together that is magical. Their albums are wonderful and I love to listen to them, but their live shows are each a unique, theatrical experience where their connection is felt by everyone in attendance. When I saw them, it was as is if people weren't individuals anymore, but part of a whole, connected by this group's wonderful music. It's amazing to see them onstage. I never thought this quality could be captured in words, but Neil Gaiman has managed to do it in a concert review he wrote for Spin magazine. It moved me to tears and I wanted as many people as possible to read it, even if they didn't know the group. (If you don't know who they are, I would suggest looking them up on Youtube.) You can read the article here.

* photos taken by me

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Misty said...

Very well-written article. I wonder if it was weird for him to see and and to write about it, about Amanda and Brian just sort of fitting together like that (and about them having a "fair amount of sex" which has got to be a weird thing to write about your fiance).
He really laid it all bare. Incredible.