Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zombies Awareness Month!

Well, as most of you know, it's Zombie Awareness Month at the Zombie Research Society!! I think awareness of this debilitating and dangerous disease is important and needs to be addressed by our leaders. To show your support of this important movement, wear a grey ribbon and to to the Zombie Research Society website for daily giveaways! Today, the prizes are signed copies of Patient Zero (which is an awesome zombie read) and Zombie CSU by Jonathan Maberry. Go here with your worst way to die during the zombie apocalypse to enter!

Over this last weekend, there was a giveaway of 25 pairs of tickets to go to a special screening of George A. Romero's new zombie film, Survival of the Dead. This giveaway was on Bloody, which is a great way to find new independent films, free screenings, and updates on horror films in production. I entered not really expecting to win and worried about finals week (which is next week. Eep!). On Monday, I was notified that I won the grand prize: two tickets to the movie at the Arclight in Hollywood and passes to the VIP party afterwards for free food and drinks and mingling with the actors, producers, and, of course, George A. Romero, teh director and creator of the zombie genre as we know it. I debated not going for about 2 seconds and decided to take my boyfriend so we could spend some time together. I was so excited! Plus I deserved to relax and have some fun before my head exploded from stress.

So we got to the screening early, only to see a crowd of moaning, shuffling zombies! They were volunteers who also got to see the movie for free. Their makeup was amazing! My favorites were the zombie nuns with rulers. They were super nice and it was hilarious to see them approach random people. Alas, no pictures because I'm lame and forgot my camera again. :(

Tomorrow: my review of Survival of the Dead!

* picture from Zombie Research Society


Sullivan McPig said...

wow! That is so cool. congrats on the fantastic win!

Rosemoo said...

Neat! Congrats!

vvb32 reads said...

LOL - zombie nuns