Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SDCC 2016: Panels Part 2: Bunches of Them!

Because Luke Cage was in Ballroom 20, I got to see quite a few panels that I wasn't super interested in. So I will smoosh them all into one post and talk briefly about each of them.

* Teen Wolf

I'm barely getting my hearing back after all of the high pitched squealing and screaming from this panel. I've never seen the show and I had no idea it had such a big following. It was announced that this next season would be their last, so there were some tears as well. The panel as a whole was fun even though I had no idea who anyone was. The cast gave some surprises, joked around, and fondly talked about their time together. The plot of some of the seasons seems kind of ridiculous. I'm not sure how ghostriders that steal souls figure into it all.

* The Strain

I've read all the books of The Strain series and have seen none of the show. They debuted a cute video with the stars dancing and singing a rap song called Vamps BOOM. Then a clip was shown of the new season with a brand new opening. I don't recognize much of the characters and it seems like the show has deviated a lot from the book. The clip itself was way more overdramatic than I expected. It was cool to see David Bradley who I know as Filch from Harry Potter or Walder Frey from Game of Thrones. It's interesting to actually see him as a good guy. The only really intriguing part of the show was Richard Sammel who plays a villain on the show and how they depict the Master.

* MacGuyver

I remember enjoying this show as a kid and I didn't think it would translate well as a modern show. First, the new MacGuyver is super young, portrayed by Lucas Till (who honestly seemed pretty bored throughout the panel). I think it made sense that he was older in the original show because his knowledge of solutions to impossible tasks comes from experience. This new guy just seems to be a genius which just feels a bit cheap and of course his youth is supposed to draw in a younger crowd. Second, the scenes shown of the show are pretty cheesy and more akin to James Bond than MacGuyver. I was surprised to see that James Wan, director of Saw and The Conjuring, is executive producer and the director for the first episode. I personally won't be watching, but those who like the CSI shows will probably love it.

* Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants

This is an animated Batman movie that has the Penguin and Mr. Freeze amassing other villains (Bane and Killer Croc) to make them Godzilla size and take over Gotham. Of course Batman and Green Arrow just happen to have mechs already made to combat them. The dialogue is cheesy and the plot isn't the most coherent. I'm sure kids would love it. The only really funny part is when Batman is asked if he had fun on a theme park planet (???), he says in a super serious voice "It was entertaining.) I had no idea there would actual be people to talk about it but John DiMaggio (who I LOVE) and Roger Craig Smith spoke about the film and gave away merchandise and signed posters.

* DC All Access: No Boundaries

This panel was an overview of the DC comics coming out in their Rebirth series following the Batman vs. Superman film. Some of them seemed interesting like the Batgirl series, which is continuing in the same vein as the previous one, and the Supergirl series, which is being rebooted after years. Others seemed kind of awful (Harley Quinn). The Cyborg comic had some pretty cool art in it. The writers and artists were fun to listen to and even talked about their heroes' hobbies.

More posts to come!

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