Monday, April 14, 2014

Hannibal: Music

My love for the Hannibal TV show can't be contained in only one post. I love the use of music in the show and inspired by the show.

1) the official soundtrack

The official soundtrack supports and enhances the show well. In the first season, it's more ambient and blends in. It mixes conventional instruments with digital manipulation and sounds. In the second season, the soundtrack is much more obtrusive, using loud unpitched percussion. Although it can be a little overwhelming, I think it reflects the mood of the show well. I'm sad there's no official soundtrack on sale.

2) the classical music

You can't have a show with Hannibal Lecter and not feature classical music in just about every episode. This helpful Tumblr compiled all the music featured on each episode complete with links to listen. Classical music accompanies banal scenes and horrific scenes alike and gives a sense of class and sophistication or enhances the disturbing scenes by pairing it with something beautiful. My personal favorite piece featured is Debussy's La cathedrale engloutie.

3) Fan made music

Lots of Fannibals have made music, but my very favorite compose is Halia Meguid, who was also a featured singer on the the sixth season of Doctor Who. Her song Ravenstag was featured by NBC and they created a wonderful lyric video with clips from the show. I wish they would just use this for the theme song at the beginning of the show because it captures Hannibal, Will Graham, and their relationship so well.

The other of her songs I love is called Daughter. It is from the point of view of Abigail Hobbs from the first season whose father killed and ate young girls who looked like her. I love how Halia takes plot points and then describes them poetically and less directly. I'm obsessed with this song from the style to her voice. I just wish the recording were a bit better.

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