Friday, April 27, 2012

Fairy Tale Songs 2

More fairy tale songs!!!!

1) Beauty and the Beast by Nightwish

I absolutely love this band and their mix of operatic vocals and metal guitars. This song puts a spin on the tale Beauty and the Beast with the couple reminiscing about when they met and how they came to fall in love. Then it seems she has fallen in love with another, leaving the Beast alone, ending the tale much different than most versions of it. The songwriter, Tuomas, was inspired by the Disney version of the film.

2) Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

Paramore is one of my pop-rock guilty pleasures. This song is about a girl who dreams of fairy tales and magic and wants a happily ever after, but crumbles when it doesn't happen for her. I love the various fairy tale allusions and the video with its fantastical and Alice in Wonderland look.

3) Sonne by Rammstein

The video for this song is epicly awesome. It takes the Snow White tale and retells it in a twisted and dark way. The dwarves are basically slaves for Snow White. They brush her hair, polish her apples, and get her gold dust for her. In turn, she abuses and debases them. What makes it all the more twisted is her dress is the same pictured in the 1937 Disney film. The lyrics go with the song as Snow White acts as the dwarves' sun and they have no idea what to do without her. The sun, like Snow, isn't nice: she can burn and hurt as well.

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