Sunday, May 22, 2011

Internet Awesomeness 7

My school is officially over until the fall!!! YAY!!! I have a lot of books to review, but right now, I'm just going to share some awesome/funny videos with you.

1) There's a really stupid "Don't Say Gay" bill that passed in Tennessee forbidding teachers from talking about homosexuality in classrooms. Because of the language of the bill, they have also inadvertently forbid discussion on reproductive disorders, anything that would lead to sterility, or abstinence. I guess it's not as bad as Florida banning sex on accident. Anyway, George Takei has a delightful way to get around saying gay: say Takei! It's disgusting to me that something like this could be passed in today's society.

2) Literary heroines would have escaped their terrible fate if they had a Sassy Gay Friend. Hilarity ensues.

3) GOOD put together this awesome montage of famous kisses throughout cinema history and included some informative information on the history and biology behind kissing. And it ends with saying Armageddon was a good movie, which is debatable.

4) This video made me die and really helped me be less stressed during finals. It's Star Wars dubbed in French and subtitled with quotes from Jean-Paul Sartre.

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